Forcibly Theirs (BoyxBoyxBoy)

Forcibly Theirs (BoyxBoyxBoy)

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Helen-Elizabeth Dark By HelenDark1 Updated Oct 05

"You're ours now, Little One,"

When life takes a sudden turn from better to worst, there'd still be a small hint of hope, to keep one moving, that one's life could take another turn to a better and brighter side of life.

But when life has been a bitch from the very beginning, hope never bothered to bloom for it to continue, causing one's faith to never begin and to never have an end.


Ria, a 16-year-old boy, abused his entire life by his own flesh and blood, his mother, for crimes he never committed.

What happens when he runs away one night, hoping to get away from all the bad, only to be violently pushed into a world of the supernatural?

Having to never receive a proper education, his knowledge of such creatures lacked dramatically.


The existence of Werewolves is in this hopeless story and Ria just so happens to be another human victim selected by the Moon Goddess herself to grace two, dominant, alphas, Alexander and his twin brother, Alec, in their lives, as their beloved mate.

He stumbles upon a world full of mythical creatures, whom of which are not planning on letting him leave their side anytime soon... 

Or ever, for that matter. 


Copyright notice to HelenDark1 and ElizabethDark1 

A big THANK YOU to the amazingly talented @Ranneeyah for creating such a beautifully designed cover for my book!

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thatspecialteen thatspecialteen Jul 03, 2017
I hate it when people copy when you invest so much time and effort I'm writing 😩
Bdsm is about trust and crap. Not this rape and abuse crap. Where ever u got ur info from is far off
I just have to say during that copy right part I was just so amazed, like you are so amazing and I haven't even read the book yet and yet I know that it is gonna be amazing
um, there were some sentances in this book that I really liked and was wondering if I could use them as quotes in a book I am writing? Full credit will go to you and I will make sure they know you were the orignal, I was just wondering if I could also use them?