My Dads New Boss

My Dads New Boss

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Rose_Liz By QueenTeenIdle Updated Jul 04

"listen Chase I'm just not into you I mean your my dads boss " I said in the nicest way possible.

he came closer his tall shadowing figure walking towards me. he bent down to my short 5'3 height and starts to play with a piece of my dark hair

" oh believe me,my sweet sweet Bella  you will be 'Mine'

Annabella layann Michaels is a senior in high school she is ready to graduate, go to college with her best friends, and study to be a doctor.

she has yet whole life planed out that is until her family unexpectedly has to move to California. Anna has to go to a new rich stuck up snobbish school she plans just to ignore everyone the hole year so she can just get the school year over with. 

that all changes when she meets her dads new boss who is twice her age and has an extreme passion for her.

peachesxx1 peachesxx1 Sep 16
What's up with guys ramming themselves inside of girls like why can't u be gentle for once 😂😂
hellokitty18550 hellokitty18550 Apr 22, 2016
Honey *it's* ok *we'll* make it work *we'll* make the house look presentable and *we'll* just make a good impression.
hellokitty18550 hellokitty18550 Apr 22, 2016
I said an walked inside, the house was nice it was two stories a *bit* snobbish looking but still nice
queencracra queencracra Aug 23, 2016
Damn nigga clam dafuck down you just went 0 to 100 nigga real quick
hellokitty18550 hellokitty18550 Apr 24, 2016
Your ending sentences that don't need to have a period at the end because your starting other sentences without capitals
hellokitty18550 hellokitty18550 Apr 22, 2016
*Can we please go inside?* Is the question not the whole sentence