Bring It, Bitch ➳ Harry Styles {completed and editing}

Bring It, Bitch ➳ Harry Styles {completed and editing}

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Stolen pudding cups, flirty police officers, a bag full of weed and a trip to Vegas make for one hell of a bet.

[In the process of being edited, some major changes will be made. Please note that I am not British and some things might not be right in regards to language and terms. As I edit I will try to fix them but please feel free to point out mistakes if you are British.]

[warning: sexual references/acts, heavy use of profanity, underage drinking, drug usage, and all around illegal activities, basically not a book for anyone under 16]



None of these events actually took place (as far as I know) this work is purely fictional and I don't condone any of the acts committed in this book. 

I do not own any of the people used to portray characters.
This work is entirely fictional.
This story contains my own original ideas, please do not copy. Plagiarizers will be reported.

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I was in my best friend's quince so I had to go to church with her and afterwards was the party bus and then party and then after party. I left for church 12:30 pm and came home the next day at 11:30 am with a massive hangover. The party was from 7-1:30 and the after party ended at 5
You know Issa check for porn after reading this in Harry's voice.
No but I once saw my mom heavily flirt with one to get out of getting arrested.
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Yeah..I live in Colorado dispenserys are literally every block