(1D Fanfic) Coming Home To A Most Unexpected Surprise...

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Genieve <3 By gurlonfire Completed
What would you do if you came home one day to discover 5 (very attractive) boys hiding in your room? And they claim to a famous boy band? That's basically the awkward situation Liz has found herself in, debating on whether or not to trust these strangers. Although... one does hit her soft spot almost immediately. And if another fancies her, and she doesn't exactly know her feelings towards him, either, what then? Funny, how love works, isnt it? And to add to the twist- they're all alone. 
    Join Liz and Ruby on a drama filled story of the day they met the ever so famous boy band, One Direction.
I'm not a directioner I just like the plot of the story but if I absolutely had to have a favorite band member it would be Louis because everytime I hear someone say he is the sass master I laugh. I'm obviously the sass master.
fudging aye. I'm trying to find the name of that girl in the photo, do you know her name?????????????/
his name is spelt Louis but pronounced Loui (sorry im just a mega directioner)
@gurlonfire Lol I just saw we had a big conversation over this. Love the story btw.
@gurlonfire Ruby is beautiful too to me i would be either of them :D
Liz and Ruby are beautiful and they are soooooooooooo lucky to have 1D in their home i wish i was Liz and i was in this fanfic