The Blind Games ✔

The Blind Games ✔

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Bella Jones is the definition of broken. She lost everything in a matter of minutes- her best friend, her parents support, her bonds with her little brother, her sight, and her wolf. Left blinded in more than one way, Bella has to find a way to show the world that she's just as strong as everyone else. Even if she was stripped of her Theta ranking.

Landon Parker is the definition of perfect- at least that's what he thinks. He has no cares, soon to be the Alpha, and smells of smoke. Landon plays the perfect bad boy, and he plays it well.

When Bella starts school for the second time in her life, she meets Alpha Landon Parker. Little does she know that he's her mate. So Bella views him as just another lowlife, entitled alpha scum. 

Landon didn't even want a mate to begin with so imagine his surprise when he finds out the pathetic little blind girl holds in her hands half his soul. And when he rejects her- not even flinching- she accepts it with a straight face.

When Landon's best friend and future Beta Winfrey proposes a game -The Blind Games- Landon agrees hesitantly.

He has to make Bella recognize him as her mate before he has to leave and crush her heart.

Let the games begin!
Thank you for giving my story a chance!

TRIGGER WARNING: deals with occasional mature content like emotional abuse and self-harm. you should never let anyone treat you the way that my character goes through in this book. please contact someone if you ever are!
BEAUTIFUL cover by the lovely artist and awesome friend @supernovass

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See this why I love her response! She wasn't like every other girl I read who ran away and cried over her rejection. She fired back fearlessly and was like I don't give crap ok thanks for letting me know.
I cant get over her saying "you can go now."😂  Basically saying like ok BISH shows over. Don't expect me to cry over you. I love her character! 😂
Shifter101 Shifter101 Jun 27
I hope so. I weigh 150 at 5'3, but most of that is muscle too.
Beta6984 Beta6984 Dec 15, 2017
Clearly dumb enough to think that all your other sense don't work either
“This red head” yep... hair color is definitely helpful to a blind person 😂😂
One of the few stories I’ve read where they weren’t rejected for a completely stupid reason