*Some things can be harder than they seem*   Old Friends, New Problems, More Rock&Roll than before  Quinn Kali has just turned 18, she still works at Rockers Records, she still has all her crazy mates and she's still madly in love with her Boyfriend -Correction Fiancée Reece Mastin   Yes, THAT Reece Mastin  But these 2 crazy kids still have one major problem - Andre and Charlotte Kali; Quinn's parents  They hate Quinn but they hate Reece more and will stop at Nothing to break them up. Wondering how that's going to go?   (Second book in the Obsessed Series - SEQUEL TO OBSESSED)
cool i will totally check them out but im sure all ur stories are good ;)
@pencilkase aww thanks :)
                                    (I suggest the newer ones because well, my old ones are kinda horrible)
well even if u don't make a third i will definately read some of ur other stories ;)
oohhh i recieved an email that said u were thinking of making a third if u r im gonna have to catch up ;)
@pencilkase haha :) Thats okay, you aent going to miss much, it's almost over :/
Im back... sorry i wasn't reading this before i didn't even discover it till today anyway im sure i will love it!!!