The Redwood Rebel

The Redwood Rebel

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The Redwood Rebel: Book One of The Redwood War

In the aftermath of civil war, the people of Ffion starve. Trade has dwindled, harvests have failed, and only the cruel and corrupt thrive. The few who could have fled the forest continent for other lands, but most remain, trapped by poverty and love for their homeland.

Far beneath Chloris Castle, the rebel Naomi has been incarcerated since the tyrannical Princess Adrienne stole the Redwood Throne. Starved of light and warmth for the past four years, only Naomi's rage and determination have kept her going, as she both fears and yearns for death's release.

In a violent sweep of fate, she is dragged back into the light once more. The Princess and her Councillor hope to use her as a pawn against the powerful Dragon King of Koren. Faced with an almost impossible choice, Naomi strikes a deal with her captors that will set her free at last. 
Unfortunately, she soon finds she has taken on much more than she bargained for.

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Oooooh, this is exciting! I know exactly how much Naomi hates Cgynus and Adrienne, and I absolutely hate them too. Loving the backstory of the war between the kingdoms, and the cause being rampant piracy is a brilliant idea! I'm so ready to continue xx
kamarsh kamarsh Mar 16
So I've already read this a few times on my Kindle, but seeing it up on Wattpad is the perfect excuse for another reread!! I'm looking forward to falling in love with Naomi all over again. Thank you for all your hard work and for sharing your fantastic story!
Wow, bloodlines and gender and general stupidity in someone's favor!  Who would've thought?
This already looks like a fantastic beginning to an even more fantastic story. I'm excited to find out more about these characters =)
Loving this already! Excited to find out more about Cygnus and Adrienne, as well as Naomi
So glad for the chance to finally read this. The beginning is so gripping... Wow :)