Unresistable (Black butler Claude X Sebastian story)

Unresistable (Black butler Claude X Sebastian story)

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Mewtwo2 By Mewtwo2 Updated Nov 30, 2013

( Pairings: Sebastian X Claude. It is a mixture of Lime and fluff and i may add lemon in at one point. This hosts some OOCness and occurs in a time where Claude, Alois and Pluto did not die. This is my first yaoi so i hope you like it. PLease review what you think.)

The sun had just faded behind the lush forest landscape that hid the Phantomhive Estate from the prying eyes of London and nothing but the bright moon looming overhead lighted the night. This night was just like any other night, except for the fact that that one particular wallflower Earl was hosting a party. This party hosted all the usual guests. The fellow Earls and high ranking members of England, even the Spider managed to get invited to this formal affair, much to the Young CIel's distaste.

"Welcome to the Phantomhive Estate." Sebastian droned, a polite smile decorating his face as yet another guest of his masters arrived.

"Thank you." A familiar, gruff voice muttered and Sebastian glanced over to find Claude and...

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666Princessofdemons 666Princessofdemons Mar 20, 2017
                              My oc Lucifer: WHO KILLED MEH AUTHOR-CHAN.
gayllama8216 gayllama8216 Jul 23, 2016
*dies* why must u be a gay guy and I be a gay girl how will this work out demon senpais
kisabelle04 kisabelle04 Nov 08, 2015
KYA *nosebleed* THIS IS TOTALLY NOT FROM THE STORY *bleeds more*
ButterscotchTheThing ButterscotchTheThing Oct 12, 2015
Somebody call the Undertaker, 'cos I think I just DIED of bloodloss...!
dark_ricky10 dark_ricky10 Jul 10, 2015
Me: there's no way I can get a nosebleed from them talking!
                              Claude:"Forbidden love? Sexy."
                              Me:THERES BLOOD EVERYWHERE
princessrose1234 princessrose1234 Mar 01, 2015
*fangirls screaming* oh my god it's Sebastian X claude *fangirls stamp all over me and run to them* so what it's just Sebastian and claude *fangirls gasp* uh oh I'm dead *runs away* *fangirls run after me*
                              Sebastian: poor girl
                              claude: she will me able to handle herself...I think???