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☽Book #1 of the Luna Dea Islands Trilogy.

The Luna Dea Islands, other known as the black hole to the human world possesses the lives of thousands of werewolves where they are hidden in secrecy. No human had ever step foot on the Luna Dea Islands, those who look for it being lost forever at sea. Until Lyla Darcy is brought to the Island as an infant, unknown to the fact she is the mate to the future alpha, Romulus Astor.

They are kept apart for seventeen years, Lyla unknown of her destiny as the Luna of Astoria where her mate is begging for her to be given to him. The wait is unbearable, pain coursing through Romulus's veins as he is in need of his mate. But when her destiny is revealed, she is faced with the struggle of accepting it after being kept in the dark her entire existence. 

Lyla must face her destiny with Romulus and go through the turmoil of Astoria as unwelcome wolves making their presence on their land. Blood will be shed, love will be torturous, and hearts will be forever shattered in Astoria.

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