Aesthetics ➳ z.m. au

Aesthetics ➳ z.m. au

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Blank [blangk]  
having no marks   

Zayn [z\ain\] 
the boy with coffee colored irises    

In which he adds words to his vocabulary, and she adds ink to her skin.      

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     completed 04 04 17

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cybramor cybramor Dec 26, 2017
truly same. i ran out of the clinic once and dodged so many docs that tried to catch me to get my blood drawn out idgaf i feel my blood BEJNG sucked out by the tubes all the time which is why i try to make an excuse why i can't go each time my parents make an appointment adios hoes
JgAuthor JgAuthor Jan 29
"Where are you sdayn today? If you want, you can come over to my house because of darrayn, I mean, you'll get soaked if you walked all the way to your house. Maybe we can have a movie night and I'll make us a capitayn some sugar too to get warm."
Gucciknight Gucciknight Jan 02
I can't swim to save my life. 
                              See what I did there😉😂😂
cybramor cybramor Dec 26, 2017
oh honey you'll be thinking more than just happy thought when you see who your tat artist is
Z_Zismyman Z_Zismyman Dec 25, 2017
I love it when guys give girls nicknames. It’s so cute😍
Well then good thing she’s not at a dentist cuz she’s got a dirty mouth