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Babysitting the gods.

Babysitting the gods.

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Agent 27 By khadijiah1 Updated Jul 28, 2016

Ever wondered what the gods were like as kids? Well, Percy and the gang are about to find out. When one of Hephaestus's projects, plus a little magic, goes wrong, Percy and his friends are stuck taking care of their 5 year old parents. Let's just say, that with Percy's luck, things are going to get a "little" messy.

moo_the_cat moo_the_cat Jun 22, 2016
4 Jason, Thalia, Percy, Nico but it would be 5 if hazel was there
bellakitty2003 bellakitty2003 Dec 18, 2016
I hope it's a pink marker. We would have hundreds of Wilford Warfstaches.
DaughterOfAllGods22 DaughterOfAllGods22 Mar 13, 2016
Wouldn't it be 4 children of the big 3 since there is Thalia, Nico, Percy and Jason?
xXastoriaXx xXastoriaXx Sep 29, 2016
5 including Thalia and Hazel. Why does no one bothers about girls??!!
LyraHarper LyraHarper Jan 08, 2016
Ha! Even Percy Jackson agrees with me! MARVEL is no match for DC!
Amethyst_and_Lapis Amethyst_and_Lapis Nov 16, 2014
@leo_valdez_lil_sis  wait wait wait wait wait- who's marrying my brother now? i thought he had Calypso......