Jock [BoyxBoy] (EDITING!!!)

Jock [BoyxBoy] (EDITING!!!)

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Cristina (Cris) By MissCris Updated Mar 03, 2013

Behave. Be a rebel.

Get good grades. Barely pull of Cs.

Follow curfew. Home at 2am.

Have a girlfriend. Fall for a guy.

Samuel Eli Trente doesn't follow the rules. Ever.

So what happens when he falls for Jonah Ricardi, the teacher's pet?

And when a secret comes to light, turning both their lives upside down, will the Jock and the Nerd find a way to pull through?

Copyright © 2013 MissCris

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ScytheHaven ScytheHaven Jul 23
Can surprising handle with liking Jonah.
                              Now declares he's gay.
I don't care if you are the mother fücking queen I am gonna stomp on who ever I want
ImABossAssJimin ImABossAssJimin Nov 19, 2016
I'm at the bottom of the reputation pyramid at my school and I don't let anybody stomp all over me, if I gotta use my sass and my fist I'm gonna use them. Bishes get scared so they don't try to look my way with a nasty look on their face😂
BunnyHopps15 BunnyHopps15 Sep 04, 2016
I keep reading his name as 'El Trente', which is 'The Thirty' in Français.
XxErMahGurdxX XxErMahGurdxX Oct 18, 2015
*gets pissed* He's so hot wattpad took him and left a black screen -_-
LisaRupa LisaRupa Jul 12, 2015
I automatically wanted to read this after i read the description XD and i never just read the description of stories, i would skim through a few pages to see if i like it. You write great stories @MissCris