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Jock [BoyxBoy] (EDITING!!!)

Jock [BoyxBoy] (EDITING!!!)

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Cristina (Cris) By MissCris Updated Mar 03, 2013

Behave. Be a rebel.

Get good grades. Barely pull of Cs.

Follow curfew. Home at 2am.

Have a girlfriend. Fall for a guy.

Samuel Eli Trente doesn't follow the rules. Ever.

So what happens when he falls for Jonah Ricardi, the teacher's pet?

And when a secret comes to light, turning both their lives upside down, will the Jock and the Nerd find a way to pull through?

Copyright © 2013 MissCris

ehlay3781 ehlay3781 Nov 19, 2016
I'm at the bottom of the reputation pyramid at my school and I don't let anybody stomp all over me, if I gotta use my sass and my fist I'm gonna use them. Bishes get scared so they don't try to look my way with a nasty look on their face😂
BunnyHopps15 BunnyHopps15 Sep 04, 2016
I keep reading his name as 'El Trente', which is 'The Thirty' in Français.
XxErMahGurdxX XxErMahGurdxX Oct 18, 2015
*gets pissed* He's so hot wattpad took him and left a black screen -_-
- - Sep 11, 2015
Dude an half hour straight? You trying to break your arms before your game >~>
Naj122 Naj122 Aug 03, 2015
Even though you're at the top everyone can still stomp all over you.
xoMissLisa xoMissLisa Jul 12, 2015
And this kids is where Sam started having feelings for Jonah.