Against all odds (The Pack)

Against all odds (The Pack)

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When something does not go your way, or someone isn't doing something they way you want them to do it, the proper response is to calmly resolve the conflict. Find a compromise, and let it be done. What you should NOT do, is start a massive war between six kingdoms.

     Some were not quite satisfied with the way the Royal kingdom was governing their lives. And right under the kingdoms nose, rebel groups started to form, each with their own standards as to how the land should be run. These groups grew into organizations, and by the time the Royal kingdom realized what was going on, in the blink of an eye five new kingdoms arose. And it did not take long for these five rebel kingdoms declare war on not only the Royal kingdom itself... But each other as well. The Royal kingdom, Mutant kingdom, Hidden kingdom, Spell kingdom, Dimension kingdom, and Rouge kingdom launched themselves into a pit of anger, death, and thirst for victory. But the will of each individual kingdom to win was so strong, the war dragged on up until now, twenty-seven years later. It's clear there will never be a winner, yet the kingdoms still fight, refusing to surrender. 

     Rob, Preston, Jerome, Vikk, Mitch, and Lachlan are six equally war fuelled men, currently wrapped up in the peak of the fight, each in their own separate kingdoms. They do not know each other exist, and they could not care less either. Each have killed dozens, and each have hearts hardened by war. But what if secretly... They're tired of this war? Of the countless lives being taken? What if one crossed paths and befriended another in the most unlikely of ways, to discover that they're not the only one worn down? And that there are a few others sharing the same emotions? And that maybe... Against all odds... They could end this war once and for all.


I'm running out of room so I'll put the disclaimers and stuff in the book lol

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