Pizza Delivery (boyxboy)

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The Cookie Monster By TheCookieMonster Completed
A short gay romance story between a guy and his pizza deliverer :)
That's why I always sent an alarm on my phone to check the oven
nock nock who there god god who god with pizza. ohhh prays Jesus Holloway
If the pizza man truly loves the baby sitter than why does he keep slapping her rear
hello new reader po ako..^_^ ....*as if its all in  English gonna check the way of doing thing..^_^ .. love english *
I'm liking it ;-) and i have been in josh's shoes when it comes to boring jobs lol i think most have though <3
ooooo. Nice start ;) I see something brewing on here lol ;D
                                    I understand the burning part. Not the best of cooks myself -.-
                                    Thankfully theres people to make food for us! :D
                                    Onto the next chapter (: I like how Alice is Les and Oliver's gay