Finding Her {OHSHC fanfiction} -Rewrite-

Finding Her {OHSHC fanfiction} -Rewrite-

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just a nobody . By Animewriter101 Updated Aug 14, 2017

Cynthia Takayuri was her name. 

The shy girl who hid behind books and nerdy glasses that happened to be the girl who had the fortunate luck of being able to stand next to Kyoya Ootori. The good streak of light in her life after the death of her mother.

Until that day. The day the streak was ripped from her.

The day he broke her heart for everyone to see. 

After leaving Japan to stay in America for a few years, Cynthia's back and better than before. New look, new attitude, and a new bound confidence was enough to leave the Ootori boy in shock. 

Does she really want him back? Or will someone else come and change her view on the world for good? 


"'ve changed."

"Glad you noticed, asshole."


Now, with her father in danger and more people added to her life, how will life change for Cynthia Takayuri?

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