The Eighth Dimension

The Eighth Dimension

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Astrabar By Astrabar Updated Aug 13, 2019

"The universe is bigger than you know, Ron, and you're the only one that can save all of it,"

In the shadows of humanity lies a group that is conceived of many different people that were all worthy of one thing: knowing the truth. Everyone in this group knows of the different dimensions and what dwells within them. Not only do they just know about it, but their jobs are to restore and keep peace within them. This group is known as the Keepers. 

Ron Burnick is an ordinary teenager. He is one of the most average kids you'll ever meet. Decent grades, fairly big amount of friends, works hard and tries his best. All of that will change when he discovers the Keepers and what they have been up to for the past few decades. A war has been going on for years behind the eyes of the mortals.

When the Keepers go down, they have one last weapon: a son of the fabled super-humans with incredible powers and strengths which are known as Ancient Keepers.
They need Ron Burnick.

Cover made by @ElijahCole11. Go check him out!