Mother in the Mist

Mother in the Mist

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Smclopez By smclopez Updated Mar 12, 2017

A host ship to several colonies of humans and aliens is attacked in deep space. Irreparably crippled, they float for years just barely maintaining life support. Their societies and collective sanities both deteriorate until finally, the last few of them are able to guide the ship into landing onto an unknown planet. Their chaos then spills from the ship onto the surface as the survivors struggle to establish a settlement on land. Waiting to greet them though, is a paranormal creature far horrifying than anything they ever endured while in the hell of deep space and it comes with an unholy demand.


  • aliens
  • future
  • ghosts
  • nature
  • paranormal
  • planets
  • post-apocolypse
  • scifi-horror
  • space
  • supernatural

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