Vanity Teens

Vanity Teens

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Welcome to high school    

Where you'll be judged for your appearance           
Where you go to parties and get drunk to be 'cool'          
Where stereotypes matter          
Where you have your heart broken multiple times          
Where you will make friends and enemies         
Where you will be in fights and learn painful lessons        
Where seven valuable hours of your day will be wasted          
Where the drama will fill your head with anxiety                   

Have a nice four years

Highest Rating: Humor #287 / Teen Fiction #303

{I wrote this in middle school, also very unedited}

cover by @-osorrow-

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basicbitch99 basicbitch99 Aug 09, 2017
If u wrote this in middle school u must've been a genius 😂 first paragraph and I'm already into it
InsheerahAlnashmi InsheerahAlnashmi Aug 15, 2016
I like ya chica❤
                              Those words were so genuine with the reality of this is the way you write full of passion and honesty full of creativity you are gonna work this life so good.
                              Deeply impressed ❤❤
JMarieWatson JMarieWatson May 18, 2016
Even just by this first sentence, I can tell it's going to be a book I'll like
EthanDolanWifey EthanDolanWifey Jul 26, 2016
That was so deep yet so true ugh reality you're a bítćh and a pain in the á$$
bookangelxox123 bookangelxox123 Dec 30, 2015 is this book gonna give us a big dose of reality or something?
ZuRy2AA ZuRy2AA Jun 27, 2015
well... that was... ummm... a bit cold but sooo real... I  don't even know what to say