Animal Hybrids

Animal Hybrids

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Sweetheart By SweetOtaku8702 Updated Oct 31

This is a Yuri on Ice Au where everyone is an animal hybrid. They live in villages with leaders. Occasionally, the predators meet on a hunt or the prey meet on an escape. Life is certainly hard when everybody calls you 'Little Piggy." It's embarrassing! Yuri is a really fragile and small person. He's shy and not very social and it takes a while for him to fully trust you. That's because, once he does, he doesn't think that you would do anything wrong or betray him in any way and this leaves him very vulnerable. That's why Phichit doesn't really let that many people get close to him. 

Now, there is a conflict between the cats and pigs. To fix that problem, Viktor wants to take Yuri's hand in marriage. Yuri refuses, but is forced to think about it anyways. Will Yuri stay with Phichit or be forced to marry Viktor to heal the gashes the cats made in the alliance between their two villages.

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