Creepypasta "Lemons" (Closed For Now- Sorry)

Creepypasta "Lemons" (Closed For Now- Sorry)

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Anonymous By QueenOfRedrum Updated May 16, 2014

Yes, yes. Hate me.. Wait if you hated me you wouldn't be on this page.. So.. LOVE ME! 

(I love you too ^.^)

Happy reading! Very very very happy reading.. ;D
Show me some nosebleeds! XD
Thank you.

Of course I need a suggestion first.. Hopefully someone will suggest..

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Eli_Winters Eli_Winters Feb 26
I love the cover "Warning: Nosebleeds Ahead."  You would've commuted a great feat if you can give me a nosebleed.
Rachiplier21 Rachiplier21 Mar 08, 2016
I've never gotten a nosebleed by reading fanfics..............I'm a little curious how do u get nosebleeds by reading a fanfic?
ChristensenLightwood ChristensenLightwood Jul 06, 2016
Lj rape reader cok ring dont take the ring off and tie the girl to the bed
iisdolphin iisdolphin Aug 12, 2015
if you make my nose bleed you will be the first and probably only.
Brooke_George Brooke_George May 11, 2015
*tries to have nosebleed* I've never had a nosebleed in my life! I CAN'T DO IT! *basketball and steel rod hits face* nosebleed.
                              *goes inside and sees her crush naked. blood splaters EVERYWHERE!*
worst_nightmare666 worst_nightmare666 Apr 29, 2015
*dad walks in*
                              Dad:HONEY HER FACE IS HAVING A PERIOD!!!
                              *mom walks in* 
                              Mom:oh dear lord....lemons.....I've waited for this day to come....