Way Beyond | Quil Ateara

Way Beyond | Quil Ateara

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Disney Princess [s.u] By -hopscotch Updated Sep 11

❝Does it sound weird if I say I see things?❞ 

❝The future isn't a mystery. It all depends on asking the right person.❞ 

❝Nothing is simple but I don't believe anything is ever impossible either. Life is a mixtures of if's and but's, it's up to you to find a way past them - and I am willing to stand at your side the whole way through.❞ 

❝Psychic shops are a joke.❞ 
❝I work in a psychic shop.❞ 

[Twilight: Eclipse-?]
[Quil Ateara]

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dreamer7673 dreamer7673 Mar 08, 2017
I love your other Quil fanfic and can't wait to read this one!!
byemorgan- byemorgan- Mar 08, 2017
Is she by anyway related to Mike Newton? I saw the last name and it spiked my curiosity  😂❤