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Sally By Inahan86 Completed

To a person one of the most important day of their life is their wedding day, the day they tie their lives for eternity with a person they love. Ashley wakes up married to Nick, her childhood nemesis, in Vegas after a night of too many drinks. The person you marry is someone who thinks very highly of you, but Nick calls Ashley a "carcass", not very endearing.

Ashley wants an annulment but everyone in his and her family have a different plan. To everyone they were always and will remain the "perfect" couple. Everyone except the newly married couple is excited about the marriage, they have all made plans for the future for the couple. Does everyone's happiness matter enough to the two of them that they remain married? If not, will everyone let them walk away on different paths? If they remain together can they fall in love? Will this love be everlasting or just sexual attraction?

Join Ashley and Nick as they make choices to make life perfect for themselves alone or together

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afatwhale afatwhale Jun 03, 2017
You know, all these Wattpad stories has scared me to not want to go to vegas
MicheleClarkSmith MicheleClarkSmith Jan 14, 2018
I'm lyking this story so far. That's y u never drink  to wear u never know what u r doing! She's saying to herself Is married now, whatz I go do?!
fierysh fierysh Jul 26, 2016
Why is she concluding that she is married by only wake up seeing a golden ring in her finger?
TombExplorer TombExplorer Mar 11, 2016
This just makes me feel better. I am starting this book and hope this book has no grammatical mistakes.
slurpeesareawesome slurpeesareawesome Sep 21, 2013
All I read was the description and I already am enjoying it!
LizSoto0 LizSoto0 Oct 30, 2012
this is by far one of my favorite stories i loved it. i cant believe i finished it. btw check out my story behind hate theres love