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this is no game ( Ben drowned x reader)

this is no game ( Ben drowned x reader)

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April fools By xApril-fools Updated May 18, 2015

you are in the story

Fartmaster360 Fartmaster360 Nov 03, 2016
Me and popping to my friend who is in a conversation with someone else
me-me-meow me-me-meow Jul 11, 2016
Xx_Brookie_bloods_xX Xx_Brookie_bloods_xX Apr 09, 2016
Just before I read it I would like to tell the maker of the book I love u other book ok bye😅🙃🔪🙁😕☹️😟😦😧😥😪😭😵👹👹👹
bika-kuro bika-kuro May 10, 2016
is that how u react when a muderer comes out of you fricking. compiter
me-me-meow me-me-meow Jul 11, 2016
Me and my friend jane were cleverbot and it started to say ben related stuff.i end up dressing up as BEN when my friend was asleep.she woke up and saw me siting on the desk and she end up tackling me and kissed my first kiss was form a girl.
BeefDatRamen BeefDatRamen Nov 11, 2016
Lol to see if I could place in a naruto movie and go in it lol XD