Lovenemies (In Editing Process- On Hold)

Lovenemies (In Editing Process- On Hold)

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Pari Tripathi By pt9415 Updated Mar 04

This is a story based on someone's life but I can't tell on whose life it is. And do not get the idea that it is related to my life. I am writing this story on some child actors which does not apply to any of their lives.

Copyrighted © 2016
Anybody who dares copy my story or translate it will definitely be thrashed. I will straight on report it, so honey, why take pain to copy? And also I'll break your hands and feed it to dogs. Or worse. Rude much? Thanks.


Love is an emotion, sentiment, sensation, temptation and if respect and care are added up to it, then nothing can stop it.
Love is the best thing in the world a person has and can ever give. Love cannot be defined or described because it can be only shown and felt. But when two rivals fall in love with each other, what would happen?
What situations and conditions will be created? 
What will be the circumstances? 
Will there be vengeance or will it only be love?
The most known rivals will have to put up with their reputation, willingly or unwillingly but can they resist the feelings they develop for each other? Will they be focused on their goals and enmity or their love-life?
To top it all their dysfunctional families and horrifying pasts have made them suffer enough. Popularity which was their advantage has now become a problem. Fake friends are improving their bitchiness every other day. Pressure, depression, hatred are always ready to hover on their lives. Obsession and their lovers are only living to push them apart and satisfy their want, their need and themselves.
The journey to togetherness contains all the drama, happiness and sadness you may look upto. Not a very clichè story. To know that how they will handle themselves and each other, catch my story for that.

** Contains a lot of popular, bitchy, sassy, funny and nerdy moments and people. Read it at your own risk, this is a very fun yet depressing story. Hope you like it.**

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IlyAaronMelloul IlyAaronMelloul Oct 04, 2017
Omg reem is so freaking beautiful!!! @_reem8 ily girl...❤❤❤
NNS6901 NNS6901 Mar 24, 2017
I just cant describe how.amazing dis one as the beginning and introducing. LOVE dis one!!!
TRFFTR TRFFTR Mar 07, 2017
Seems interesting………… I wouldn't believe in the fact that class 3 students could fall in love, if you write this story 2 or 3 years ago......
                              But now,,,,,, everything is possible and they look cute too.....
                              So,,, am waiting to read..