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~*The Lost Uchiha*~ (Naruto FANFIC: Sasuke Love Story)

~*The Lost Uchiha*~ (Naruto FANFIC: Sasuke Love Story)

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Anaisabel By empressofthedamned Updated Feb 28

Dear Reader,
Mai Uchiha, was the other Uchiha. Always second best when it comes to Sasuke Uchiha A.K.A. "Mr. Awesome." And no one pays attention to second. The only problem is, Sasuke does, Sasuke has had a crush on her all their lives. But what happens one night that changes her life forever? Mai is special, she just doesn't know it yet. She can see visions of the future in her dreams, she doesn't understand what it is so she doesn't pay mind to it. Until the  night before her clan was massacred. She dreamed of blood and red eyes. So she left the village only to return 3 years later with a new identity and to find her clan gone. Except for "Mr. Awesome" who's crush is still going strong. So what happens when Yuuki Kurosaki discovers the true meaning to her odd power? And starts falling for Sasuke? And who are the mysterious Nekomura clan from the Village Hidden in the Mist? Find out by reading The lost Uchiha!
(Disclaimer! i Own Nothing associated with Naruto, just my characters are mine >.<)

Angelheart91502 Angelheart91502 May 13, 2016
It's still hard to believe that that litter ball of happiness is the same Sasuke that we have now. It kinda makes me wanna cry😢
blackbutlerchick1 blackbutlerchick1 Feb 07, 2016
What a birch damn and this is when sasuke was nice and so young and innocent uts not his fault he's hot
JessIsAMess75 JessIsAMess75 Jul 13, 2016
No I want more cute Sasuke not I'm a b*tch Sasuke -_-(Luv ya Senpai)
mattias69 mattias69 Sep 03, 2014
well...alrighty then I think sasuke needs to get his priorities strait before he confesses his love to a VERY distant cousin
Mirajanehope Mirajanehope Nov 25, 2013
Hmmmmm, REALLY AWESOME!!!!! Wonder what Sasuke is going to now that the clan is killed..........
empressofthedamned empressofthedamned Aug 25, 2012
@rainbowsarang then vote cuz I'm keeping chapter 8 hostage til I get my 50 votes >:3 ... I is evil