Poems- Of the most Particular Kind Volume 1

Poems- Of the most Particular Kind Volume 1

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<h6 class="uiStreamMessage" data-ft="{"type":1}"> </h6>

<h6 class="uiStreamMessage" data-ft="{"type":1}"><span class="messageBody" data-ft="{"type":3}">You had dreams?</span></h6>

<h6 class="uiStreamMessage" data-ft="{"type":1}"><span class="messageBody" data-ft="{"type":3}">So did i 

 I dreamt of falling from the sky

 Off the cloud i was sitting in


 For so long

 When i fell i struck the earth

 My long white hair turned to black 

 From the impact 

 I fell

 Yes i sinned

 The tears i cry are not of


 Or pity

 The tears i cry are for which is lost and can never be regained

 I fell 

 It hurt 

 Searing me deep down into

 My rotting soul

 I wont plead 

 For you to save me

 Or heal my wounds

 I will display my scars

 Like trophies

 My beautiful sinful trophies</span></h6>

  • falling
  • unremorseful
CaptainStylo CaptainStylo Apr 28, 2012
Simple and easy to the reader. Profound feelings that can evoke everyone's dream