Hermione zabini ??

Hermione zabini ??

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Dramione forever By HungerGames24794 Updated May 02, 2018

Dramione fanfiction 

Hermione boards the hogwarts express for her re do of her seventh year, she does this with her boyfriend but he has a secret that he will do anything not to let out, and her best friend who is grieving after the battle of hogwarts

Hermione is dealing with her everyday life until a certain slytherin comes to her with life changing news 

And another certain blonde hair slytherin boy has set his eye on her

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nrwl_gto nrwl_gto Sep 25, 2017
Like I mentioned previously don't rush it, so far the story is moving a bit fast and it has a bit to much dialogue, try to add more detail and such, like describe the scene.
French_Techii French_Techii Sep 25, 2017
I have 2 questions one why is this moving so fast and two what the heck is with the whole Hermione and Blaise being related thing
Airbendersunite101 Airbendersunite101 Apr 30, 2018
Love it already and I think it's going at a fine pace. Just ignore all the negative comments and keep on writing!!!
RachelRoo18 RachelRoo18 Apr 04, 2018
Tbh i literally started shaking even though i knew it was coming I’m such a weirdo 😂
nrwl_gto nrwl_gto Sep 25, 2017
I think it's Lavender not lavanada just got future reference, overall good story but don't rush it
gaillmar gaillmar Dec 08, 2018
OMG 89 chapters of misspelled words and run-on sentences.  The English teacher in me may not be able to take this.