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A werewolf is wolf and man.
Both equal, both co-operative. Together.
But what happens, when a man and wolf decide to go to a civil war? And therefore leaving their entire kingdom with the belief of corruption and havoc. 
Leaving with a civil war within a wolf, and a war in the Kingdom.

What ties a man and wolf together?

Easy. A Luna.

Evil_Potato_Queen_ Evil_Potato_Queen_ 16 hours ago
“Why can’t I wear jeans to this ?!!!???” Like can’t there be ONE girl that doesn’t do this and ACTUALLY wants to wear a dress??
But if her mate wouldn't care how she looks unless she dresses in trash
Why does every friend have magic in their fingers when doing makeup? My friend don’t even know how to apply the mascara correctly
Laughinglllamas Laughinglllamas 2 days ago
Wow all of you are so disrespectful like imagine the girl/boy at school that has the nasty ašš breath and missing eyebrow, pulling up to your party claiming they invited themselves. My friends and I would fight them on sight.
lilliannediiaz lilliannediiaz 3 days ago
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Laughinglllamas Laughinglllamas 2 days ago
Just ask Sarah, I pulled her fake nails out. I don’t fück around…