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A werewolf is wolf and man.
Both equal, both co-operative. Together.
But what happens, when a man and wolf decide to go to a civil war? And therefore leaving their entire kingdom with the belief of corruption and havoc. 
Leaving with a civil war within a wolf, and a war in the Kingdom.

What ties a man and wolf together?

Easy. A Luna.

  • alpha
  • beta
  • dominance
  • feisty
  • forever
  • hate
  • king
  • kingdom
  • love
  • luca
  • luna
  • man
  • mate
  • maya
  • queen
  • quest
  • rebellion
  • rogue
  • war
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  • werewolf
Evaliez Evaliez May 28
Im an identical twin with my sister and then our older brothers are triplets .
My sister told me to do that and a week later she's telling me I'm being selfish😒😒😒
Okay but Will is my "friends" who never reply, ever. I'm giving up on friends fvck friends
immakiller immakiller May 08
Came came from the Him, Her and nothing in between series, I've decided to bringe read every single one of this authors books bc honestly their writing is amazing. If you haven't read "Him, Her and nothing in between" you need to bc it makes you want to die but in a good way
                              BUT NOOOOO......... smh
TeeChey TeeChey Jul 02
... Y’all here to read the book & enjoy. Not correct grammer and punctuation🙄