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A werewolf is wolf and man.
Both equal, both co-operative. Together.
But what happens, when a man and wolf decide to go to a civil war? And therefore leaving their entire kingdom with the belief of corruption and havoc. 
Leaving with a civil war within a wolf, and a war in the Kingdom.

What ties a man and wolf together?

Easy. A Luna.

  • alpha
  • beta
  • dominance
  • feisty
  • forever
  • hate
  • king
  • kingdom
  • love
  • luca
  • luna
  • man
  • mate
  • maya
  • queen
  • quest
  • rebellion
  • rogue
  • war
  • wattys2017
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i like that this books starts its first chapter right away haha. i'm so tired of all these aesthetics and playlist things
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