Brother Dear [Yandere!Big Brother x Little Brother! Reader]

Brother Dear [Yandere!Big Brother x Little Brother! Reader]

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Y'all are half brothers and shit,, but it still counts

[Y/n]. Small, cute and loyal to his brother. If only he knew what he was hiding. Maybe he wouldn't be so loyal anymore.

(This was a joke but people actually like it so I guess I'm continuing it)
**cover by karunase on instagram**

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yes snailhouse or ujico my fav artist i am kinda sad he didnt like grape soda ;-;
When a story is going good, but then you see it hasn't been updated for a year.
Right when I like a fan fic the author hasn’t updated for over 2 months
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Me: *recently dyed my hair* 
                              Me: *forgets what colour I dyed it*
“I totally didn’t originally get a 0 and added 10 in front of it hehehehehe...”
I live how his favorite color is teal while my characters hair (and my hair in real life) is teal