The Girl Who Humanity Tossed Aside {]Completed[}

The Girl Who Humanity Tossed Aside {]Completed[}

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Mia Azuma By MiaWriter05 Completed

Elisabeth L/n or Elisa is a girl who IS/WAS mute she has been living outside the walls since she was 4, she has killed titan since she was 5 and killed more then most of the elite scouts all together. On Elisa's 15th birthday the scouts had an expedition and they came to close to comfort. Will they find her and take her in? Or will she continue living outside of the walls comfort.

hey guys! I have zero experience in love! So yeah I can't really write about it...So don't expect it! Also all the art goes to their rightful owners!

By the way you have knee long brown hair! Hope you like my story! Enjoy!

Disclaimer I do NOT own Aot/Snk or their characters! All rights go to the owners!

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