Werewolves Vs Vampires

Werewolves Vs Vampires

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PJoHoOFan By PJoHoOFan Updated Mar 03, 2014

Alex is a perfect nerd, always gets A's on Tests and assignments, wears big, dorky glasses, has a bad fashion sense and is bullied. 

But everything is not as it seems, for Alex lives in a town, inhabited by the third best werewolf pack, in the world. Best in the country. 

Therefore, almost half the town are werewolves, the other half are oblivious humans, who have no idea about the supernatural world. 

But Alex is different. She's not an oblivious human. She's not human at all. 

She's a Vampire. 

Werewolves mortal enemies. 

Of course, no one has any idea, that she is a vamp, as everyone knows, nerds don't have friends. 

But what happens, when a certain young Alpha, sees her hanging out with other people, looking like one hell of a badass? 

What happens, when one of Alex's best friends, forget to mask his sent? 

What if, that same Alpha, is Alex's mate? 

All hell breaks loose.

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bluebunny1000 bluebunny1000 Oct 07, 2016
I'd just be chill, extremely lowkey. The wallflower everywhere
Chismesmi Chismesmi Sep 19, 2014
dude! I love how bad ass she sounds! I don't usually like the wimpy and weak type of girl who's always being saved so I tots dig ur book. In almost all the books I'm working on, the main character is a bad a.
angxlawrites angxlawrites Nov 30, 2013
And for the cover, two questions. What does the alpha look like? Also, how do I send it to you in a private message?