Order of the Demigods // hp & pjo crossover ~slow editing~

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Voldemort has got a big army, a really big army. The wizards know they have to train the magic skills. 
    Mother Earth has been stirring and causing trouble for the demigods. Ever since the last big war with the Time Lord there haven't been enough campers.
    As if these problems aren't big enough, the wizards find out that the Dark Lord has teamed up with the strongest and most dangerous force of all: Mother Earth and her Titans.
    Now the demigods and wizards must join forces or else they'll be doomed.
I find it funny that the actress who play Annabeth is Thalia and the actor who play Luke is Octavian for you.
BooBoo .-. Can't keep a serious expression by just reading that
You know what? I always visualized a little bit more Aphrodite in her appearance
legasy not son, in other words a decendent of a demigod, weaker than normal demigods
Plus, I agree that AnnaSophia can also be Annabeth. She's a natural blonde, while Alexandra is a brunette and she just dyed her hair for the second installment :)
I am in love with the Percy Jackson series and fave movies are Harry potter