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Harry Potter's Twin

Harry Potter's Twin

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Sam By AlliNeedisYou912 Updated Nov 11, 2013

A small baby girl cried out into the night, her voice filled with sorrow and terror. The scenes being played out around her crib scared her and the searing pain on her shoulder and forehead burned. It felt like her arm was being ripped apart and her head burned with a hot iron poker. As a one year old she didn't understand the battle for life happening before her but she did understand that her family was in danger and hurt. The noises were loud but the crying wasn't only coming from her, but also from her brother lying beside her.

This is Lexie's journey, a tale of self discovery, a tale of learning about who she really is.  
Join her on her path of saving the people she loves, while falling in love.

Hagrid: Your a Horcrux, Lexie!
                              Lexie: And your a bloody annoying giant!
                              Hagrid: HALF-Giant!
                              Lexie: *mummbles* bitch.
                              Harry: Someone has PMS
My grandma spoils her foster kids. She has her rules but she is pretty lenient.
This makes me wanna cry hinestly, but it could be the emotional rollercoaster I'm going through irl
LittIeLion LittIeLion Mar 20
As, long, as, it's, not, written, like, this, I'm, fine, with, it
Harry's family are angels compared to this family...ok maybe not angels but they're amazing..
The doctor is a wizard..... dam😂
                              Percy jackson reference ^
                              Comment if you know
                              I'm annoying😂