What Skylar Needs [Completed]

What Skylar Needs [Completed]

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Lanee Lane By laneelane Completed

When his new neighbor disturbed his Sunday night football with terrible pop music Skylar was less than pleased. Didn't she have any respect? 

Melanie never meant to upset her neighbor. She just wanted to enjoy a girls night with her friends. Now her neighbor hated her. Until he needed her as a cover.  Much to his surprise, he may end up needing her for much more. 

This is something I started for Nanowrimo last year. I figured I would post it instead of letting it sit.

monsoon12 monsoon12 Aug 13
I usually think Jezebel, but just blurt out hoe. But floozy is good too *shrug*
Omg what's wrong with braces 😩 I no longer have a gap shout out 6,000 dollars of metal in my mouth 😬🤓
spoiled_zy spoiled_zy Jul 28
Lol I thought that said planet fitness for sum reason 😂😂
DreamerDrea DreamerDrea Jul 02
If I were him I'd take some pizza but that's just me being a fatass
GreenPencil GreenPencil Jun 05
AAAAaaaaaa. Shout out to the short && fun size individual's of the world!!
monsoon12 monsoon12 Aug 13
I would have caught an attitude. I already don't like people, so for me to be nice is a huge step. So being rude to me isn't the smartest thing........