☠ You Should Be Afraid [Sequel to: Are You Afraid?] // h.s. [a.u.] ☠

☠ You Should Be Afraid [Sequel to: Are You Afraid?] // h.s. [a.u.] ☠

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Jade Styles By xxJadeStylesxx Updated Dec 03, 2014

❝Running away isn't all that easy. There are many obstacles along the way. Many things run through your mind. Will you get caught? Will it all turn out the way as planned? What if what or who you're running away from, meets with you in the end? Part of me feels it's the right decision, like if I could run away at all it's a sign that I was supposed to; That it's for the best. But then another part of me wonders one thing. Is it worth it?❞ I looked out the window watching as the rain poured down onto the surface of the earth in front of me. 

❝What are you getting at, my dear? What are you trying to say?❞ Carol asked me. I pause, closing my eyes inhaling and exhaling through my nose trying to relax before reopening my eyes and continuing.

❝What I am trying to say is, I don't know if I made the right choice. I feel like something isn't right about the whole situation. I have an uneasy feeling, like something bad is to come. That he is going to find me, and capture me.❞ I looked at Carol, the worry in her eyes frightened me even more knowing how much danger we are both in. ❝And I'll admit it. I am afraid. And I should be.❞

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 When Jade runs away from Harry, she can't help but feel fearful of what is to come. After all, he said he'll always find her. But she forbids it. She'll do anything in her power to keep that from happening, as Harry will do everything in his power to make it happen. No matter what it takes, he'll get her one way or another. So, will he get his way? Or will Jade get her way this time?

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Who_Hazza_my_Pizza Who_Hazza_my_Pizza Jan 23, 2016
I don't know what to believe?!?! Harry can be the cat because of the eyes but why would he come to carols house before she was there!!! Ugggg!! What is life? This book is life.
abigailxclifford abigailxclifford Jun 10, 2015
I'm sitting in my room with my sister awake and it's 1:30am. I have school but I can't stop reading help me
forever5soscake forever5soscake Apr 10, 2015
I'm just thinking about the other boys, can't they just hold Harry back?
plaidxstyles plaidxstyles Jun 23, 2014
If itwas a movie you coyld use the sissirs to change from one scene to another!!
GiveMe1d5sosNutella GiveMe1d5sosNutella Mar 08, 2014
Dear Jade: my name is Briana and i have to tell you that ur the most amazing writer i've ever seen in my life :) Your're Amazing