Quirky Ambitions

Quirky Ambitions

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Lolli By Rudely-Enough_Its_Me Updated Jul 16, 2018

Many people have different ambitions; like becoming famous, rich, or just doing the best they can in life. Adira Kallsoki's ambition, on the other hand, was to win a certain popular kid's heart.

Freda High didn't expect for their beloved golden boy to be the victim of Adira Kallsoki's flirting and cheesy pick-up lines. Abram Roche didn't think that a certain witty girl would be capable of spewing out so many things to make him feel flustered. He also didn't expect to be so openly hit on. Hayden Lowens didn't know why his feelings were all over the place when it came to a certain beautiful girl. Swearing that he wouldn't fall so easily, he fails when he begins crushing on a girl whose heart runs after his best friend.

But Levi Rackley took pride in knowing that he made all the drama happen.

Call him a diva if you will.