Book1: My Cassanova Gangster♥ (Completed)

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Kei By kristeljoy Completed
Si Nixshley Anne Shannon ay isang simpleng babae na may masayang buhay.. well, may pagka B*tch din sya. pero di naman always.. She do believe in Love. but she don't want to Feel that AGAIN.. because she's been Hurt badly.. But one day she met this CASSANOVA who is GANGSTER at the same time.. will she fall inlove with him?? even though she now that this guy is a CERTIFIDE PLAYBOY?! well read this story.. :))) Property of kristeljoy. ;))
i really love this story..
                                    sobrang nakaka iyak. huhuhu
                                    pero sobrang nakaka kilig
Hindi sakto lang po yan. That's a formal way of saying good bye
hehehe hindi pala siya marunong mag swimming same kami... heee
Marunong mag swimming si yuriii!! :(( bat di to di siya marunong? #SONE paread po bago palang pero mabilis po ung update.
Nice xD mukang exiting ang story :) at i love it because i also love to dance and sing .. but i know how to swim .. hehehe xD