Running With Wolves. Book i.

Running With Wolves. Book i.

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Mat always been the outcast. Being abandoned by her mother, growing up in a group home, and having a bad mouth that always got her in trouble. She meets Killian Arkwright who cousin with Will Bloodworth. Drawn to him the moment they met, her whole life changes.

When Killian tells her she's a wolf, she thinks he's crazy until she witnesses pack members shift. She becomes close with the school bad kids and finally feels like she belongs. But no pack is perfect and Oregon has allot of secret. Always bickering with Alpha Lincoln and wanting her family she's stubborn and strong headed. She'll soon come to learn who to trust and not to. 

Alpha Lincoln past comes back around then and Mat gets dragged into it meeting Wild Wolves. Though strong headed, she knows right from wrong. She rather do what's right than do what she's told. Secrets will be told, she'll learn a few things about feeling, falling in love, and finding her true self.

Cover made by me. 
Trailer made by CottonCandySugarh

    kalix4ya kalix4ya Aug 05
    What if she was running from someone and had to hide u there while she leads them away hoping
    pressedupagainst pressedupagainst Apr 28, 2015
    old spice, take a look at what you've done, you made a sexy man right out of my son, old spice (lol i thought of the commercial)
    buckysbutt buckysbutt Jan 23, 2015
    I'd be like "what. The . Helł. Just. Happened?" If I was her
    abymae abymae Jan 03, 2015
    ugh...old spice has become what eternity was in the 90s and axe was in the aughts. smh.
    abymae abymae Jan 03, 2015
    just about everything interior decorating wise from the seventies should burn in hell. you should see the wallpaper that was in my aunt's dining room for my parents' reception. #gag
    Phantomxhive Phantomxhive Jan 01, 2015
    You shall be Smi, it's pronounced Smee, like the pirate from Peter Pan. Here's a tip about Peter Pan-he's EVIL