Phoenix Fire || Fairy Tail [1]

Phoenix Fire || Fairy Tail [1]

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Published: [05/03/2017]
Completed: [22/09/2017]

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Warning: I know a lot of you are in this for the ships, so I'll let you know right now -- there isn't really any romance until the final two parts of the story (and no, Rose x Rogue is not a thing, lol... they're both so emo and socially awkward, it'd never work out XD).  

Also... Rose's character was created by my thirteen-year-old self. So please don't come at me about her edginess and her background, because this is just what my younger self thought would make a good novel ;-;

cynical (adj); believing that people are motivated purely by self-interest, distrustful of human sincerity. 

[... description...]

Rose is a phoenix slayer, living a quiet life in the shadow of the great guilds. 

In comparison to her turbulent past, life now is fairly calm. Exploring the kingdom, experiencing new things, avoiding humans... all those normal things. 

When Rose is coerced into joining Fairy Tail by her partner, she doesn't realise what it is she's getting into. It was only supposed to be a month or two at most. Just enough to prove that guilds and their like were never worth the trouble. But... Fairy Tail, Rose learns, is different. 

Different to anything she'd experienced in her past. Different enough that, maybe, she'd change. Maybe, she'd let go of her past, and strive to protect the future she's found with her new guildmates.

The question is, does she?


Disclaimer: Fairy Tail belongs to Hiro Mashima. All characters besides the OC(s) are owned by him. The image used for the cover does not belong to me, I simply added text and filters to it. All rights to the original artist.