Inhumane [Kings Series #1]

Inhumane [Kings Series #1]

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All it took was purity and a touch of kindness to tame down a beast and put a King to his knees.

All it took was a human girl to conquer the Inhumane King.

The Weak for The Strong, mother nature has her own way to balance the world.


I tremble with fear from the sharpness that belong to his obsidian eyes. They held such power and great domination. The whole world fear that eyes. Fear the eyes that belong to the King. Fear the eyes that had seen such great horror this world can offer. Fear that destroyed him more than he destroyed them.

I look deep within his eyes. They were warm brown. They shone with so much light, even the stars are jealous of them. The held so much emotion, the poet cried while staring at them. I look deep within his eyes and realize there was so much more to my mate than the world ever seen, and I held him tighter to me. I promise he doesn't need to feel that anymore. I promise I won't leave him.

He cried when I said I love him.


Poorly written, not edited, and a lot of grammar mistakes.
If you want a flawless and perfectly written book, this book may not be for you.
But, if you want an emotional book with a lot of surprising events, then climb on board!

Amazing cover by -scarletpheonix

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AlmaniHind AlmaniHind May 02
this book is gonna be the only reason for me to live for the next week !
iluvudoggy iluvudoggy May 09
                              Neck yourself
I've never heard any author say that about their characters. Very original :)
I love clichê books too, so don't worry, you are not the only one with that obsession.
I enjoy this book so much!!!!!😄😄😄😄😄 You need to be published even if English isn't your first language!!!!
BessyRdpl BessyRdpl Jun 21
The last lines... simply epic. Got me hooked as my adrenaline skyrockets!!😜👌