Supernatural Assassin's Team(Editing In Progress)

Supernatural Assassin's Team(Editing In Progress)

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*Currently Editing* ~Read at Your Own Risk~

Seventeen year old Ruby Moore worked for the Supernatural Assassin's Team (S.A.T) since the age of ten. Due to the death of her parents, Ruby strived long and hard for the next seven years, training to be one of the greatest assassins in the force.

Though when clues of her parents death suddenly emerge more sinister than the last, Ruby finds herself in the predicament the day they died--where it all started.  Through the trials and tribulations, Ruby will realize how much the truth really hurts.

  • assassin
  • fights
  • mates
  • secrets
  • werewolf
12Rayne 12Rayne Nov 21, 2016
The JJ couple~♪ would have been funny ID they named their daughter starting with a J...they would be the Triple J family lmao
candytime14 candytime14 Nov 07, 2015
Now you have 11.8k reads hope I get that when I start my book.
CharlieTheWizard CharlieTheWizard Jul 08, 2015
Good. Some commas would be nice though, but it very interesting story
Emma_is_bae Emma_is_bae Jun 10, 2015
Omg you completed this on the 5th of January and that's my birthday. Lol a bit of pointless information for you all haha.
Miss_Tarzy Miss_Tarzy Jun 10, 2015
Kinda good story just from that chap... But with some editing this story would be really great :)
FurryShadow FurryShadow Sep 26
I get why you set your goal to three, but don't you think that's still rather small? I mean even for a new account it'd be rather small goal.