And the door slammed shut...(First Publish)

And the door slammed shut...(First Publish)

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Jordan Perkins By JordanPerkins Updated Nov 27, 2013

Staring out the window into the tranquil gardens listening to the unique bird songs from the trees watching patients walk around the establishment. The nurse walks in, Right on time She puts the tablets and a glass of water on the desk beside me I stare into the still, replenishing liquid. Suddenley i colapse memories flying past me I wake up or so it seems this is my story...

I come round lying in a bed the doctor comes in with a dissapointed tone in his voice he said Sam you was doing so well now your not taking your medacation. I stayed silent then again the memories came back to me to my first incident. "its a girl" in a muffled tone. As i regain Consciousness Im in a delivery room holding my daughter for the first time when everything went dark the room started spinning and i collapse with the Fragile little girl in my arms.

I Awoke back in the mental instatute the nurse knocks on and walks in and puts the food on the table next to the water and tablets which still stand untouch...

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