My Hunted Luna (sequel to My Broken Luna)

My Hunted Luna (sequel to My Broken Luna)

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priscilla By awesomepriscilla Updated Dec 24, 2017

➳sequel to My Broken Luna

"Alpha and Luna, we're in this together." he says, wrapping his arms around my battered body and pulling me close. "No matter what happens, I'm here."


Their baby boy is healthy, the pack is running smoothly, and everything is peaceful. Life is just perfect for Charlotte and Xander as they continue leading the pack as Alpha and Luna... or so they thought.

Threats start showing up across Lunar Shadow territory and soon, "accidents" are happening around Blake and Charlotte. Knowing that these events aren't just coincidences, Xander and the rest of the pack begin hunting down whoever is behind this, only to find out that Charlotte and Brody's past has something to do with it.

Does Brody already know why these attacks are happening? Can the pack protect Charlotte and Blake? Or will Xander have to go to unthinkable lengths in order to keep his family safe?