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Eternal Awakening

Eternal Awakening

550K Reads 15K Votes 21 Part Story
Tyler By Captius Completed

Life isn't going too great for high school student Richard Dawson. For some strange reason everyone hates him. His parents kicked him out of the house, everyone in his class bullies him, and even random people on the street spit at him. All of that changes when one day he receives a package from his parents, a golden bracer with an infinity insignia on it. After putting on this ancient heirloom, Richard is whisked away to a world where the impossible becomes possible; a world of magic. There Richard soon finds that he possess a rare and strange type of magic within him, a magic that can change the world.

Synopsis written by Gastroboom.

Aarron79 Aarron79 May 09
I have heard that it is very hard to gain the knowledge of the Self (Soul). It can only be attained through:
AuraMaster AuraMaster Sep 15, 2016
Ah, I missed the single bracer the first time through. That makes much more sense for later
HadizaM HadizaM Dec 09, 2015
He he he I just remembered Sokka's space sword! (from Avatar: The Last Airbender) I'm really into this story so far! :D
Markus_James Markus_James May 05, 2015
Waking up next to a hot girl is already the best prologue ever!
tomjones1011 tomjones1011 Apr 27, 2015
                              Hmm, I wonder how much Wales actually knew. Seems he understood that a successor to light magic would appear. Which raises more questions. I wonder if Roku's plan was to confront Rydo in another time from the beginning. Putting more strength into himself.
NatHowler7 NatHowler7 Apr 11, 2015
Someone really must have messed things up otherwise why would they be fighting a slave army?  Whose slaves are they?  Is it a rebellion?  These are the questions I have as I anticipate how the story will unfold.