His Last Choice

His Last Choice

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[BOOK 1] 
NOTE FROM AUTHOR: "I wrote this book in High school, so if you don't like it and find it poorly written, I completely understand" 

Peyton of the hidden Snow Pack is the prim and beautiful daughter of the most cold-blooded Alpha in existence. Soren is the arrogant son of the most powerful Alpha in existence. For almost two decades, their fathers have been at a constant disagreement. In a twist of events, the two most contrasting people end up being pulled together. 

Sparks fly, sisters pick on each others nerves and a jealous ex-girlfriend plots.  Peyton is one of a limited rare breed of pure white wolves, is Soren's affections merely a play of the heart to get her to open up her packs secrets?

A/N: This is the first book I wrote on wattpad (2010). There are grammar mistakes! I was 16 when I wrote this, okay...I know it may sound lame to some of you.

BlxckHeartsx BlxckHeartsx Nov 19, 2017
*Creepily sneaks behind and whispers into ear* Can I touch it 0-0
Am I the only one that’s weirded out by the yellow eyes like he’s in his human form
fairytale7mansion fairytale7mansion Dec 07, 2017
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Ivan jr he stupid at least he didn’t say it out loud
krm41067 krm41067 Jul 27, 2017
I accidentally read his dominion before this one but I liked how everything played out! I don't think there was too many chapter focused on them at all.
Shade_Sarcasim_Nig21 Shade_Sarcasim_Nig21 Sep 18, 2017
Because parents like to mislead us. Think about it, the easter bunny, santa, sand man, tooth fairy. Even Jack Frost
MichaelaKenneally MichaelaKenneally Jun 06, 2016
Yay. Love this one and his domination.. will be binge reading tomorrow :)