His Last Choice

His Last Choice

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[BOOK 1] 
NOTE FROM AUTHOR: "I wrote this book in High school, so if you don't like it and find it poorly written, I completely understand" 

Peyton of the hidden Snow Pack is the prim and beautiful daughter of the most cold-blooded Alpha in existence. Soren is the arrogant son of the most powerful Alpha in existence. For almost two decades, their fathers have been at a constant disagreement. In a twist of events, the two most contrasting people end up being pulled together. 

Sparks fly, sisters pick on each others nerves and a jealous ex-girlfriend plots.  Peyton is one of a limited rare breed of pure white wolves, is Soren's affections merely a play of the heart to get her to open up her packs secrets?

A/N: This is the first book I wrote on wattpad (2010). There are grammar mistakes! I was 16 when I wrote this, okay...I know it may sound lame to some of you.

BlxckHeartsx BlxckHeartsx Nov 19, 2017
*Creepily sneaks behind and whispers into ear* Can I touch it 0-0
Am I the only one that’s weirded out by the yellow eyes like he’s in his human form
Belle_un Belle_un Mar 04
                              I love the author. Her other story "The taking" is also very funny. You should read it.
fairytale7mansion fairytale7mansion Dec 07, 2017
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Ivan jr he stupid at least he didn’t say it out loud
krm41067 krm41067 Jul 27, 2017
I accidentally read his dominion before this one but I liked how everything played out! I don't think there was too many chapter focused on them at all.
MichaelaKenneally MichaelaKenneally Jun 06, 2016
Yay. Love this one and his domination.. will be binge reading tomorrow :)