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The Silent Wolf Girl

The Silent Wolf Girl

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Lisa By coollies Updated Jul 28, 2015

‘’she lost her tongue when she was born’’
Hmmm, yeah, how do you know?
‘’look at her, creepy mute girl’’
Thanks! You’re not bad yourself.
‘’why am I even looking at her? She is a mute freak!’’
Because I am very interesting to look at, actually.
‘’she can’t speak because her voice is too ugly for her’’
Like your voice is any better. psshh

Yeah, that is what I hear every day. No, I don’t do it for attention, I actually lost the courage to speak when I was 5. I don’t speak to anyone, not even my siblings or parents. I have two siblings, Zoey and Marcus. But I prefer; Zozeebo and Marc. It just sounds better okay?
And why I can hear all those comments? Because I am a werewolf… Duh! Until now, I am the only werewolf here in town, of course, my family too. We live in a city called; ‘’Edacity’’ ever heard of it? No? ah, I can’t blame you, it is not a very famous town anyway. 
But finally, one day, when I am almost 16 and am finally turning into my wolf, my parents decide to move to California. My mom said that we are going to live with a pack. A pack is a group of werewolf’s together, they are like family for each other. So that should be good right? Let’s hope no one will judge me when I don’t talk to anybody. Ah what the heck, I know they are going to do it anyway. Too bad.
‘mute girl’ that’s what they call her, even her family started to call her that. She was used to it though. No one really talks to her at school, or at dance practice, nor at home. She doesn’t have any friends and Is a straight A-student at school. But that all changes when her family decides to move, to California. Where she will live with a pack and is surrounded by werewolf’s. Will she find her mate? Will she get her first real friend? And what about her so called pack? Will they judge her?
Find out in The Silent Wolf Girl

Ok I rlly love this book! R u making a second one on it? *crosses her fingers*
Front of my school every year. Twice a year for a week or so. During our fall and spring homecomings
AMillionStarsAbove AMillionStarsAbove Oct 06, 2016
Okay I must admit that this story has a really good and f7n start, I just find it annoying sometimes when the wolf just HAS to find their mate to experience TRUE LOVE tbh I find it really sappy, but other than that this story is really good!😉
kelly_collins kelly_collins Feb 15, 2016
Please update i can just tell this is going to be a good story ....i do think that the grammer needs working on but other than that it's great
CunningCucumber CunningCucumber Feb 10, 2016
I love it that she is mute, but rambles more in her thoughts than a waterfall on steroids ^^
MidnightWolfDreamer MidnightWolfDreamer Jun 01, 2016
Doesnt dhr have a name. Its disrespectful to call someone mute