The Wallflower Effect

The Wallflower Effect

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Rachael Jarvis By xXDark_Fire_MageXx Completed

Zoey Castro is the wallflower of Asheville High. She's just another girl who doesn't live up to her parent's expectations, another girl who wishes she was perfect and fashionable like cheer leader Adira Scott.  Zoey's not a loner, she's the kind of girl that likes to stay under the radar, with her only friend, Gage Prince. But her anonymity and privacy aren't about to last. When she starts dating football quarterback Eathan Harker, she thinks life is sweet. Besides Gage starting to act weird and the usual teenager stuff, she's doing great.

When tragedy strikes the small town of Asheville, North Carolina, life isn't so sweet anymore. Zoey's newly discovered limelight is putting her in the most danger of her life. Even more dangerous than Eathan Harker and Gage Prince both being in love with her. A serial killer is going after the 'popular' girls of Asheville High, and guess who's right at the top of his list? 

Zoey Castro, the wallflower. And her hypnotizing wallflower effect is about to get her in loads of trouble.

*Note. I've noticed people seem to think this is a teen romance. It's not. It's marked as a thriller for a reason. There's some violence and other things that make it different from your average romance, so please, don't be surprised if it's a tad gory.*

beingme-much88 beingme-much88 Jul 31, 2016
What kind off Impala because I only know of the '64 Black Chevy Impala and if that is the car you're talking about I might scream. Thanks.
cantloveforever cantloveforever Apr 17, 2016
I already like this. :) I do expect a lot from books, and so far, I'm liking this one!
hesitantwords hesitantwords Jan 28, 2016
My family's from North Carolina, but I've only ever been there once.
Unevenfeets Unevenfeets Oct 25, 2014
loved this! and I was laughing so hard with her book rant. the gay mafia wars is probably a super popular book here on wattpad lol.
SingledOutAlone SingledOutAlone May 01, 2014
I thought you were explaining the book! I was about to say,"Um, wat?"
escapefromreality_ escapefromreality_ Mar 27, 2014
This start was good :). And the description of the book actually made me read this, after it was sitting in my Library for so long.