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The School Nerd's Secret (on hold and currently editing)

The School Nerd's Secret (on hold and currently editing)

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behindtheshadows99 By behindtheshadows99 Updated Apr 28, 2016



"Ew, get lost, nerd!"

"No one wants you around!"

"Hey, there's the nerd!!"

Elizabeth Kaylie Saunders has been the school nerd throughout her entire life. Big rimmed glasses, retainers, baggy clothes, good grades, teachers' pet, and school punching bag. The wholes nerd package.

Well, that's only by day.

She's got a secret.

She is the one and only Eliza Carter (pronounced as Elizah, well I'm sure you get it), biker chick, racer, boxer, and total badass by night. But she's different from all the badass girls out there. She isn't a  slut, a bitch, nor a whore, just a secret semi-badass attitude. 

Jared Williams. Ladies' man, biker, racer, the whole bad boy package. He was Carrie's number one bully.

What happens when a nerd-slash-bad girl and bad boy meet up? 

A recipe for trouble?

What if he wants to know her more?

Maybe put her in his little game.

What'll she do? Play along or just let the chips fall where they may?


LeosPrincessxx LeosPrincessxx Apr 05, 2016
My school starts at 8:30 but bitch please, I'm always late 😂😂😂
IzzyMayJade IzzyMayJade Apr 28, 2016
Yeah, if I'm not out of the house by 7:20 I'm completely screwed!
FantacyPrincess888 FantacyPrincess888 May 14, 2016
I love sleep so much I wake up at 8 on a school day😂😂😂... But I'm always late...
ksongz ksongz Feb 24, 2016
Um first why wake up at seven than second you are annoying all the people who willingly have to wake up earlier than you but want to sleep longer third that's just not right to not try and get your beauty sleep
ksongz ksongz Feb 24, 2016
What's so bad about that you can find some cheap but amazing looking clothes there
Sciles_Scilinski Sciles_Scilinski Nov 07, 2016
Oh god damn that's the bitch that I want 💜💖💖 #LilUziVert