Soccer Girl

Soccer Girl

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This is a story of a true soccer girl. Her name is Abigail. She has just move to New York because her father is in the marines and got stationed there. This story is about how she adjusts and prospers in this place so different than Louisiana. It's also about how family and friends can get you through even the toughest of times.

She loves soccer more than anything she has ever known, that is until she meets a boy...(because there is always a boy that messes up or adorns a romantic story).

Completed :)


  • boyfriend
  • competition
  • family
  • forever
  • friends
  • highschool
  • love
  • soccer
  • teamates
claires101 claires101 Jan 20, 2018
I’m from Boston and in August it can get to 100°+ soooo..
- - Sep 17, 2017
From Louisiana and our winter is bipolar but it NEVER gets to 17 degrees
Therearenomore Therearenomore Aug 16, 2017
Hold up. August. Unless it's some orientation stuff agency's honney my ADS would be in bed
pluvshorses pluvshorses Mar 14, 2016
Yah it's not this cold in New York, it's in the 80s mostly (Fahrenheit)
XxSierrahxX XxSierrahxX May 02, 2016
Never lying Louisiana is bipolar in the winter one minute it is cold next day it's 80's degrees out side
IdRatherNotTbh IdRatherNotTbh Oct 24, 2016
NY in August is not that cold that's like saying it'll snow in Florida in the middle of June